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nudist women photos

nudist women photos – Nudist at

Nudist at the Pool featuring Sarah – an Art-Nude Video and Photo Collection
Nudist at the Pool featuring Sarah - an Art-Nude Video and Photo Collection
Introducing a high quality Art-Nude experience on disc! Available in for purchase on Amazon in full HD Blu-Ray or standard DVD.

About This Title

Sarah is one of those women you wish you could have hang out by your pool on a hot summer day. Toned legs in high heels wearing nothing but a small bathing suit. What’s better is when she takes the bathing suit off! A slight breeze caresses the long dark hair as it drapes down to the large and tight breasts. She starts off on the side of the pool teasing the camera with her smoldering look. Later she gets in the water and that’s when the real fun starts.

Water drips down her breasts as she playfully splashes herself. The camera is quite generous in showing off her most intimate parts in slow motion. Shallow water lazily splashes against perfect skin as Sarah effortlessly makes herself look as the pool goddess she is. Enjoy an intimate look at a beautiful woman who is happy to reveal all of herself.

This disc collection contains:

– Two high quality Art-Nude Photo Slideshows

– One Art-Nude Film

– Total Runtime 45 Minutes

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This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.’s standard return policy will apply.

There are worse things than ants at a picnic…

There are worse things than ants at a picnic...
Frank was beginning to have doubts about inviting Stan to the family picnic.

Enjoy Life.

Enjoy Life.
Have a great week.


nudist women photos

The Nudist on the Late Shift: And Other True Tales of Silicon Valley
As a novelist and writer for Wired and other publications, Po Bronson has earned a reputation as the most exciting and authentic literary voice to emerge from Silicon Valley. In his national bestseller The Nudist on the Late Shift he tells the true story of the mostly under-thirty entrepreneurs and tech wizards, immigrants and investors, dreamers and visionaries, who see the Valley as their Mecca. Taking us inside the world of these newcomers, brainiacs, salespeople, headhunters, utopians, plutocrats, and innovators as they transform our culture, The Nudist on the Late Shift is a defining portrait of a new generation in the whirl of an information revolution and an international gold rush.

Po Bronson is the author of two novels and one book of nonfiction. Bombardiers, a dark satire of high finance, was an international bestseller that was translated into twelve languages. The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest, soon to be a feature film from 20th Century Fox, is a comedy of Silicon Valley. His third bestseller, The Nudist on the Late Shift and Other True Tales of Silicon Valley, demonstrates that Bronson’s wit and imagination apply as well to nonfiction as to fiction.

Perhaps more than anywhere else, Silicon Valley in the latter part of the 20th century has come to represent the essence of the American dream. Its economy has resembled the various rushes and booms of the 1800s. The Valley is a unique place in a unique time, where just about anyone with a good idea, an aptitude for hard work, and a boatload of luck has a chance to make it big–really big. In The Nudist on the Late Shift, Po Bronson intends to capture the spirit of the Valley, leading us through a series of vignettes that takes us from a “near brush with sudden wealth” to a $400 million buyout; from life on the edge with a group of Java programmers to the plight of a futurist writer with the looming deadline for a 9,000-word article. For Bronson, the appeal of the Valley is this:
Every generation that came before us had to make a choice in life between pursuing a steady career and pursuing wild adventures. In Silicon Valley, that trade-off has been recircuited. By injecting mind-boggling risk into the once stodgy domain of gray-suited business, young people no longer have to choose. It’s a two-for-one deal: the career path has become an adventure into the unknown.
Like Tracy Kidder’s Soul of a New Machine, what makes Bronson’s book work is a talent for narrative. He presents compelling stories about those who make it–for example, Ben Chiu (, C/NET) and Sabeer Bhatia (Hotmail)–as well as those whom we’ll never hear of again: the database salesman working on the “hockey stick” at the close of the quarter and the “kiss-ass entrepreneur” who’s taken up COBOL programming to make ends meet. The Nudist on the Late Shift is for anyone who has wondered what life on the modern frontier is like–and for those who are already there, the reflection might be revealing. –Harry C. Edwards